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Did you know that your physical health and your emotions are closely tied together? Each emotion is associated with a particular organ within your body. When you are unable to acknowledge and release excess emotions, they unfortunately do not disappear. On the contrary, they will be stored in certain organs within your body, and may lead to a chronic health condition. Of course we are talking here about prolonged unprocessed emotions. Take for example the liver. Physiologically, our Liver is in charge of detoxifying, filtering, nourishing, restoring and storing blood amongst other essential functions. The liver is also responsible of neutralizing secretion of hormones that are associated with our emotional responses. Needless to say, without a healthy liver, we cannot survive.

In this video you’ll learn:
1. How an imbalanced liver may affect you physically, emotionally and energetically
2. Step-by-step how to gently detoxify your liver using your breath

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