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5 Principles To Manifest Miracles Now

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A miracle indicates that God is at work and you are willing, open and receptive. In the same way that a seed does not push to become a tree or an embryo does not push to become a complete human being, you cannot push to receive a miracle. 

The Kabbalistic word for miracle is Nes (נס), which means something that is raised up or elevated. Therefore, in order for you to summon a miracle you must elevate your consciousness. 

Why do we deflect miracles?

According to Kabbalah, God “programmed” miracles into the world at the time of creation. So why then do most of us deflect those miracles? 

The simple answer is — we tend to judge ourselves and others, we continuously buy into an illusionary separation from God, and we tend to focus solely on our own mission vs. aligning with a collaborative mission. Basically, the ego takes charge and rules our throne. 

The Kabbalah also teaches us that the greatest miracles are those which God alone knows about, where we as the recipient of the miracles are not even aware of them.

5 principles to help you manifest miracles now

  1. Remember who you truly are. God made your soul in His own image and likeness, and He impregnated you with His Greatness. When you activate this potential you rise beyond your mundane existence so you can experience miracles. Miracles are your birthright. 
  2. Elevate your consciousness to a level befitting a miracle. Everything in the universe vibrates in a specific frequency. If you want a miracle you must align your own frequency with the frequency of miracles. The frequency of miracles is LOVE. Exercise self-love and express love to others. 
  3. Connect with God, your higher-self as the cause of all that is every morning. A miracle in and of itself is an uninterrupted display of God’s love and power. Recite as your morning prayer: “I give thanks before you, Mother-Father God, for You have returned within me my soul with compassion; abundant is Your faithfulness in me.”
  4. Forgive yourself and others. Miracles are an expression of Love; where there is grievance there is no love. In the presence of a miracle you transcend your perceived limitations on an individual and collective level. So imagine it to already be true — don’t seek limitations within yourself or another. Forgive! 
  5. Be clear about what you want and let go and let God. Make your own petition to the universe and at the end say “this or something better,” allowing whatever meant for you to come in. 
  6. Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. It is not enough to have clarity, you need to feel as if it already is. That is key! If you have a negative state of mind, remember one event in your life in which you felt great and from that sate ask for a miracle! 

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