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Your Body, Your Power
FERTility pregnancy & beyond

The seed of new life has been carried successfully by millions of women since the beginning of time. During pregnancy, a woman’s body becomes the dwelling temple of a new soul. The mere fact that most pregnancies result in the birth of a healthy baby is a testimony to the miraculous nature of our bodies. Every culture celebrates new life differently, but the common thread is the welcoming of new life with warmth, love and hope.

In my book —Your Body, Your Power: Fertility, Pregnancy and Beyond — with my soul sister and co-author Shivani Nazareth, we inspire women to reconnect to their innate ability to create life. Our combined experience of 40+ years with thousands of pregnant women has revealed that they desire a broad spectrum of knowledge. Our book is designed to help women utilize scientific research in the field of nutrition and genetics along with the time-tested wisdom of Eastern philosophy, including Ayurveda and alternative medicine. By combining wisdom from modern Western research with Eastern philosophy, yoga, meditation and spiritual awareness, we strive to unlock maternal intuition and nurture a woman’s ability to choose the path that is right for her.



The Power Lies Within You

We’ve come to realize that a purely academic approach to pregnancy does not offer women the opportunity to listen to their bodies, and to use motherhood as a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth. When women are given a broad spectrum of information, they can choose intuitively—and with strong resolve— the path that is right for them.

We believe that women are the manifestation of the Divine Feminine on Earth, also known in Kabbalah as the Shechinah – the dwelling energy of God. However science attempts to define the miracle of pregnancy, much of it is left beyond the reach of our minds. Research continually reveals more about the wonder of life but also leaves us with questions. Whether we choose to grasp this process in scientific and evolutionary terms, or whether we define it as an expression of Divine energy, we can all agree that it is magical. Your Body, Your Power encourages women to stop searching for answers outside of themselves, as the power of creation exist within them. Instead, we urge women to become an active part of their pregnancy journey. This begins with conscious decision-making and the ability to bridge science and spirituality to bring magic back to the process of creation.

Eve - the first mother

The Biblical woman Chavah, was called the “Mother of Life” (Em Kol Chai) prior to having children. It’s amazing to think that we as women are born with all of our eggs— the seed of motherhood is within us from the start. Women embody the capacity to put others’ needs first, to put another within their core. This is exemplified in Hebrew by the words, “rechem” (womb) and “rachamim,” (empathy & compassion), which share the same root letters.

Your Body, Your Power reminds you of your Divine connection to the first mother, and the millions of women who have followed Her path. Your ability to make choices that are right for you is rooted in this connection. Our book honors the wisdom of the mother and her body, while providing a bedrock of scientific facts to support her intuitive choices.

Universally shared process

Pregnancy is a universally shared experience on many levels, from the cellular and genetic processes to the emotional and physical feelings. Hundreds of intricate biological steps allow for the transmission of vital information from parent to child. This information is condensed within our DNA, scientifically known as deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is made up of sequences of four nucleotide bases, represented by the letters: A, C, G and T. Together these letters form ‘genetic sentences’ and create a language that tells our bodies how to function. You can think of this as the language of God communicating with us on a cellular level.

It is fascinating to note that human beings share more than 99% of this language, in its exact sequence, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, race or culture. Our genetic code serves as a humble reminder that no matter how we choose to define ourselves — often through social constructs that end up separating ourselves from others — we are ultimately more similar as human beings than different.

Research suggests that our bodies have the ability to turn certain health susceptibilities on and off. This science is called epigenetics, and it refers to the expression of genes as a result of environmental interactions. Epigenetic studies show that DNA expression can be influenced by our diet, stress level, and other life experiences— all of which we have some control over. While research in this field is ongoing and may change over time, there is increasing evidence to suggest that women have more control over the health of their babies than previously known. Pregnancy presents a unique opportunity to impact the health of your growing baby in ways that will manifest for years to come.

A Balanced Perspective

The concept that women — by maintaining their health — can improve the wellbeing of the next generation to come is awesome. It is empowering and at the same time, it may seem overwhelming. This book is not intended to create a forum for placing blame on women for the outcome of their children’s health. We cannot assume a responsibility that is larger than ourselves.

A healthy approach is to maintain respect for the knowledge that science and traditional wisdom have bestowed upon us, without losing sight of the fact that there are things over which we have no control. There are still many aspects of health and disease that are not entirely understood, and perhaps never will be. In fact, the more we learn about DNA and epigenetics, the more the scientific community is perplexed by the complexity of the human body.


We are women’s health care providers, but first and foremost, we are close friends, undeniably sisters in a previous life. We were blessed to meet while working in the Ob/Gyn department of St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, where we quickly realized a shared love of science and spirituality. Our offices were right next to one another, so we inevitably created a connection of holistic care for our patients, not only focusing on their clinical needs but also discussing how to empower them to take an active part in their prenatal journey.

These discussions extended into our lunch breaks, where we would often sit in the park, and talk about strategies to help our patients choose conscious living. These conversations naturally evolved into deeper discussions of personal dreams and the existential questions of life, as well as our adoration for philosophers like Rumi and Krishnamurti. As our friendship grew, we began going to yoga classes after work, attending meditation classes in Manhattan, and eventually meeting our spiritual teacher, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.

During one of her deep meditations, Sivan had a vision: she saw the book, authored by both of us and began feverishly writing down ideas, down to the level of each chapter. From then onwards, we spent hours outside of our personal lives and careers researching and writing (and rewriting), sometimes spending entire weekends together with a singular focus in mind. Nearly seven years later, the book, “Your, Your Power: Fertility, Pregnancy and Beyond,” was born.

Our Mantra & Our Mission

We believe wholeheartedly that the greatest gift a baby can receive is that of a present, joyful and healthy mother. Our mantra is to empower millions of women all over the world to honor the wisdom of their bodies and embark upon an authentic pregnancy journey. We are dedicated to inspiring women to create a sacred space—mentally, physically and emotionally—in order to achieve their full potential as mothers.

We envision wellness from the moment of conception through adulthood. We aspire to create a community for intelligent and contemplative women. We view the book as a living document that will evolve as our understanding of science and spirituality continues to grow. We envision pregnancy as a time of celebration, creativity and sacredness, and we look forward to serving women from all walks of life with humility and gratitude.

Who is this book for?

Your Body, Your Power is a book for women planning to conceive or already pregnant. It offers an in-depth practical guide to pregnancy, appealing to the scientific mind and the spiritual side of creating life. Using concrete examples from Ayurvedic medicine, yogic philosophy, genetics, nutrition and modern Western science, the book empowers women to tune in to the inherent wisdom that lies within their bodies.

Your Body, Your Power focuses on three specific aspects of your environment that can impact the wellbeing of your pregnancy:

  1. The food you choose to eat: each chapter will include the most essential foods to consume during pregnancy, along with scientific evidence as to why you should eat it. Natural and herbal remedies for anticipated discomforts are also included.
  2. The physical activities you choose to engage in: we’ve included yoga poses throughout the book to help maintain physical and mental strength during pregnancy.
  3. The thoughts you choose to focus upon: our book includes meditations and positive affirmations to facilitate bonding with your developing baby and nurture your capacity for motherhood. Included is the philosophical wisdom of ancient thinkers.

Using data that artfully merges science and spirit, we appeal to the educated reader who is self-reflective and open to incorporating alternative health modalities into her pregnancy.

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We believe that pregnancy is as an expression of Divinity,
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