Sivan Einav

Israel Immersion retreat

March 10th - March 16th, 2024

Modern Women, Ancient Wisdom

Naam & Universal Kabbalah

Our aim is to promote sacred living and women gatherings based on the spiritual practices of Kabbalah and Naam yoga. This retreat is ideal for women seeking to find inner peace, celebrate their femininity, and step into their God given powers. 

Sacred Sites

From the beautiful green landscape of the Golan to the beauty of the Dead Sea desert, we will enjoy scuba diving, experience Jeep ride at the desert, explore sacred places in Jerusalem and Tzfat, and dive into the land of the ancestors. 

Israel Finest Cuisine

We will explore dozens of leading restaurants and get a taste of their delicacies. A mélange of influences from North Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, the Israeli food includes fresh vegetables and fruits, delicious olives, and of course Humus and falafel. 

What Can you Expect?

During the 12 days retreat we will connect with nature, channel our spirituality, and rejuvenate our bodies and souls. Our aim is to open the Gates of Joy and discover our Godly Purpose using the three Kabbalistic steps of Self – Realization: 

  • Birur – Refinement: Extracting the Divine Spark using sound meditation and guided observation 
  • Tikun – Correction: Perfecting your perception 
  • Chibur — Connection: Uniting with like minded women 

We invite you to our sisterhood circle and guarantee deep transformation, and long – lasting memories. If you are ready to be inspired let’s start… 

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