Sivan Einav

The Heroine Quest

For Self - Realization

Kabbalistic Wisdom of the Arcana

Bring Awareness

The 22 Major Arcana represent the journey you must travel to fulfill the quest of self-realization, as the heroine of your life.  Each major arcana represents a significant archetype of events, people and ideas that are affecting and shaping your life. 

Navigate Your Journey

The cards are not necessarily a tool to predict your fortune, but rather a tool for self – exploration of what is happening in your daily life and the world around you. To the extent you are aware of these 22 archetypes operating in your life, you will navigate your journey skillfully.

Construct Your Reality

Every journey is an adventure. The heroine who ascends the Tree of Life must confront obstacles – whether in the form of inner villains or a reluctance to fall in love or inability to fulfill your life purpose. Whatever your journey is don’t hesitate to dive in and take active steps to construct your desired reality.

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