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How To Have Sacred Sex?

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Sacred sex at its core entails that we choose not to share our bodies with someone that we don’t love and/or cannot share our heart. We all experience pleasure in different ways! There are 10 types of Kabbalistic archetypes that represent which type of lover you are. Whether you are in a relationship or not, this wisdom is vital for any woman who would like to find her own erotic personality and relinquish any obstacles that prevent her from celebrating her sexuality. 

Mother-Father God expresses itself through the Upper Light. Human beings were created with a burning desire to receive pleasure from the Upper Light. The stronger our desire for the light, the more light we can receive. 

Sexual desire is considered as the deepest expression one can have...

Kabbalah views sexual desire as the deepest expression one can have. It even goes as far as suggesting that the origin of the universe is connected to the origin of orgasm. 

Deep sexual connection between two partners is one of the most powerful ways to experience a deep connection with God. Whenever we intend to reveal light, also known as pleasure in Kabbalah, inevitably there will be resistance.

Let me give you an example — you’re committed to start meditating every morning to become more conscious and peaceful. Yet, every morning something happens that prevents you from fulfilling your commitment. You are either too tired, or have other things to do, or perhaps you feel there’s no real need to mediate. All of theses excuses are your internal resistance. Once you overcome the resistance you earn, so to speak, more light — you gain pleasure from fulfilling your commitments.

In Kabbalah we call this resistance the serpent. The serpent is the adversary that ignites your self-interest instead of the highest good of the relationship. This tricky serpent sabotages your sexual life, preventing you from moving toward sacred sex.

So here's what you can do to have sacred sex...

Step I – Start by showing your partner that you love him/her by expressing gratitude. Regular displays of gratefulness show your partner that you don’t take them for granted. When we are unable to express gratitude it indicates that we are stuck in an archetype that no longer supports us or our relationship. 

Step II  Read Song of Songs — “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is better than wine…..” If you’ve never read the Song of Songs in bed with someone that you love, you are missing out on one of the greatest sacred experiences that you will ever have. Written by King Solomon, this mystical text describes the most sensual erotic love affair between two lovers – King Solomon and Shulamith. It teaches us about yearning for our lover, praising him/her and enjoying one another fully. The Song of Songs describes to us how it feels when all of life is filled with love. It is the ultimate guide for creating sacred sex. 

Step III – Start meditating by yourself and with your partner if possible to help you relinquish obsessive negative thoughts that prevent you from enjoying sex to the fullest. Chanting Elohim, which is the name of God that represents merging the feminine and masculine polarity, before sexual intercourse is phenomenal. Give it a try. My favorite one is Elohim by Jane Winter. 

Step IV – Assume your predominate polarity — if in this life time regardless of your gender you assume the feminine polarity your partner must assume the masculine. If you and your partner have a similar polarity, both masculine or both feminine, then attraction will be diminished. Physical attraction is maximized by opposite polarities. 

Step V – Move away from toxic feminine and masculine polarities. There are two archetypes of the feminine — one which is distorted, therefore fallen and trapped; and the other which is a resurrected Divine Feminine. Similarly, the masculine polarity is represented by a flawed masculinity or by a divine one. So let’s review quickly what constitutes distorted feminine and masculine polarities. 

Distorted feminine polarity 

  • Over giver – pretends she can do it all by herself
  • Plays it small, dims its own light
  • Tends to feel inferior
  • Tends to feels overly responsible for everyone and everything – chooses to mother everyone 
  • Puts herself last as everyone else is more important 
  • Obsessed with eternal youth 
  • Uses her sexuality to seduce, manipulate and control
  • Tends to create co-dependent relationships — addicted to outer validation

Distorted masculine polarity 

  • Focuses on competition and hierarchy. It fuels the idea that one person is better than the other, therefore above the other. 
  • Uses vertical thinking, which at its core is about solving problems through conventional logical processes. This type of thinking can be dangerous, as it relies too heavily on logic and  does not take into account emotional intelligence.  
  • Focuses on “drive and strive,” hard work, push through, and ambition. It disregards the body and mind, it denies feeling, it pretends that all is well, it will focus on sacrificing everything for success. 
  • Inevitably causes a burn out, increase in ego, and decrease in having a relationship with one’s soul and higher self. Since it doesn’t result in joy and happiness it will search for ways to numb itself with wine, food, social media, coffee, sex and other quick fixes and immediate gratification. 
  • It doesn’t focus on love. It creates relationships that are conveniently sharing the same goals of having children and getting a house and accumulating earthly belongings. 
  • It has a desire that things will change but it denies that what can actually create the change which is the soul itself. 

Step VI – Balance your amygdala. One of the major portals of the Divine Feminine is the amygdala, which is located in the reptilian brain. The role of the amygdala is to notice danger or emotions that are connected to previous experiences from childhood and past lifetimes. Besides regulating emotions, such as fear and aggression, the amygdala plays a part in how memories are stored. An overactive amygdala leads to a state of chronic fear and the constant subconscious activation of our emotional memory library. Along with the hypothalamus it also contributes to the making of sexual feelings. The amygdala influences whether we get turned on or not, whether we can have sacred sex or not. 

  • Practice daily meditation. Research have found that as little as eight weeks of consistent mindfulness practice is enough to tame your amygdala.
  • Practice deep belly breathing. Belly breathing calms down the amygdala. 

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