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3 Steps to Overcome Self-Doubt in Relationships

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Experiencing some self-doubt in your love relationship is healthy. It becomes problematic when self-doubt starts distorting your view of yourself and your partner. When you start thinking that you’re not good enough, that you don’t deserve to be loved. 

According to Kabbalah, there are two types of doubt: “doubt for the sake of doubt” and “holy doubt.” The latter represents an inquiry and questioning that can lead us towards growth in our life and relationships. “Doubt for the sake of doubt” takes us further away from growth as it perpetuates the negative mind. 

King Solomon tells us in the book of Proverbs, “The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.” In other words, believing everything is foolishness; wisdom indicates that we submit everything to intelligent inquiry before committing ourselves. 

Leaving debilitating doubt behind and choosing healing instead.  ...

In the Biblical love triangle between Jacob and his two wives, Rachel and Leah, Rachel believes in Jacob’s love without a shadow of a doubt. She was the one whom Jacob desired. Her sister Leah spent most of her time doubting her husband’s love, to a point that it was destructive to her own evolution.

She became a victim, unable to grow and progress, until a point where she chose “holy doubt” and directed her questions to God as an expression of authentic inquiry. 

This new process allowed her to replace her uncertainty and confusion with a newly-gained strength and resolution. She left the debilitating doubt behind and chose healing instead. 

The universe assigns all of our relationships with the intention of helping us evolve and grow. Each relationship has its own spiritual contract. Once the relationship has fulfilled its purpose, and cultivated the necessary change in your destiny, it may fade away or change form.

An example of a soul contract may include a partner that activates your self-doubt, but only to help you resolve it.

Rachel, Leah and Jacob presents to us an example of a complex soul contract assigned by the universe that included self-doubt. Each one of these three people had specific patterns that brought them together so they could learn about themselves, who they were and who they were destined to become. Through their spiritual contract with one another they were able to awaken on a deeper level, heal their core wounds and assume a higher level of consciousness.

Are you ready to heal your self-debt? If so here are 5 steps you can start taking now: 

  1. Ask yourself is what I’m experiencing a “holy doubt” or “doubt for the sake of doubt”? Basically doubt your doubt –  are your doubts representing fears that are presenting themselves as actual opinions? The only way your doubts are having powers over you is if you mistakenly think they are real. 
  1. Create space between you and your doubt by meditating using mantra — when engaging with negative thought it’s important to replace it with a positive one. Mantra is intended to change your mind projection by using same words in a repetitive way. Not only will it calm you down, it will prevent the thought from taking center stage. 
  1. Identify the root core wound Click Here 

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