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Why some people are able to manifest what they want and other struggle to do so? The answer lies within their mind. Within your mind resides the most beautiful and magnificent gift – your imagination. Your mind had the capacity to connect you everywhere beyond the limitations of your physical body. In essence your mind can connect you with God. But in order to do so you first have to quiet your inner chatter. Then and only then you will be able to hear the suggestive voice of your soul and establish a connection with the Divine.

In this video you’ll learn:
1. What are the three major faculties of the mind
2. How to utilize your mind to manifest your “Desired Reality.”

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To the degree that you can quiet your inner chatter you will hear the suggestive voice of your soul and establish a connection with the Divine.



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Hi, I am Sivan. I am a practical Kabbalist, a lover of ancient wisdom and Modern Science.
I believe in women’s ability to reconnect to their higher spiritual potential. You deserve to live THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS !
Binahtit TV contains wisdom that changed my life and I believe it can help change yours.

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