Sivan Einav

Body Type Assessment REV

Welcome to your Body Type Assessment REV

I'm slander and don't gain weight easily

I'm taller or shorter than average

My skin has a tendency to get dry especially during the winter

My hair is two or more of these: dry, curly, black, dark brown

My circulation is poor and I often have cold hands and feet   

My appetite and digestion varies. Warm food is very grounding for me

I tend to have constipation accompanied by gas

I find it hard to fall asleep but have many dreams when I do.  Length of sleep: 5-7 hours per night

I prefer warm climates and sweat little. I don’t feel comfortable when it is cold, windy and dry       

I have burst of energy with tendency to tire easily and to overexert

I tend to be chatty and speak quickly. My voice is low in volume, not really deep or resonant. I tend to use hand gestures

I perform activities very quickly.  I have the tendency to do many things at once therefore I may not always complete things I begin. I can become easily distracted

I learn new things quickly but forget them easily if I don’t use them for a while

I am full of joy and enthusiasm when I am balanced. I have tendencies to feel  nervous, and not content when I am out of balance

I find it hard to concentrate. I am easily distracted. I tend to discontinue my work in order to help others

I tend to be nervy, fearful, and anxious. I constantly worry about things

I may harmlessly lie in order to avoid uncomfortable situations such as hurting others

My lifestyle and daily routine are irregular

My dreams are include activities such as flying, running, searching, and traveling

I often start out very determined but later give in

I may suffer from insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, joint problems, arthritis and nervous system (tremor), spasms, pains, vertigo

I have a medium size frame that is moderately developed with a slight tendency toward overweight

My height is average

My skin color is yellowy, red or pink and warm. My skin has a tendency to be oily  

My hair is two or more of these: red, light brown, blond, soft, thin and fine, prone to premature gray or balding

My circulation is good and I generally feel warm

I have a strong appetite and I can digest large quantities of food. I dislike delaying meals. Cool foods is comforting for me

I have regular bowel movements with a tendency to loose stools or diarrhea

I sleep well and sound but not too long.  Length of sleep: 6-8 hours per night

I enjoy cool climates and sweat profusely- I don’t tolerate hot weather and humidity  

My energy and activity levels are high

I am articulate, speaking clearly and precisely. I have tendencies to be argumentative. My voice might be sharp, loud, and captures attention

I am very focused while I perform any activity; I have a tendency towards  perfectionism; I am likely to become aggravated if interrupted or encounter difficulties

I learn moderately quickly (after hearing new material 2 or 3 times) and have good mental retaining capacity

I am highly self motivated; I subjected to temper tantrum, impatience and anger when out of balance

I tend to work intensely- I am driven to achieve personal goals and focus on becoming successful

I become angry easily and can be critical, aggressive, pushy, irritable, and demanding  

I usually make sure to tell the truth

I have a natural ability to lead others

My dreams are often filled with passion, violence, light, anger, jealousy, the sun, and strong colors

I am a perfectionist

I may suffer from skin problems, heartburn, diarrhea and ulcers,  fevers, inflammations, hemorrhoids

I have a large and solid frame with a tendency to gain weight easily 

I am short and short and stocky or tall and sturdy

My skin is pale, smooth and soft

My hair is two or more of these: thick, oily, soft, wavy, medium to dark brown

My circulation is slow and I tend to feel cool      

I have low appetite. I can miss a meal comfortably, feels best with smaller quantities of food. I prefer warm food. My digestion tend to be sluggish

I have slow bowel movements with solid and well formed stools with tendency to be oily

I sleep deeply and enjoy sleeping for long periods but often find it difficult to wake up - feel lethargic when waking

I prefer warm climates and I sweat moderately- I don’t tolerate cold and  damp (rain) weather

I have abundant strength and stamina

I speak slowly and methodically. My speech is sometimes monotonous, with low- pitched. My voice is pleasant, deep, and harmonious

I perform activities calmly, slowly, and steadily

I takes me time to learn new things, however I have good long term memory capacity

I am slow to get angry. I am usually happy and serve as a point of stability to others

I am slow to get started – I have a tendency to procrastinate, which may seem as laziness. Once I start a project it takes me a long time to complete it, however I usually do

I usually do more listening than speaking in new situations, but people are attracted to me nonetheless

I rarely lie, I believe all heartedly in telling the truth

I usually let others take the lead

My dreams tend to be romantic and include water, ocean. I may feel sad and empathetic in my dreams 

I let negative emotions build up rather than addressing them

I may suffer from respiratory disorders, colds, flu, asthma, bronchitis, swollen glands, obesity

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