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How To Remember Your Dreams Every Night

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One of the best tools I’ve used throughout the years as a source of guidance is my own dreams. Many think that dreams represent suppressed desires. But that is obviously limiting! Your dreams have gifts and insights that are waiting to be revealed. 

Your mind creates your dreams out of the raw material supplied by your experiences in the waking state. These experiences are constantly deposited in your subconscious mind. What does that mean? Basically whatever is taking place in your dream world is a replication of the waking world. This replication is not limited to your present life alone, but also to any former life you’ve experienced. Deep right?!

During your sleep, your soul is meant to communicate with your Higher Self, your Inner God. But in order for it to do so, you must first start remembering your dreams. 

Does your soul know you’re dreaming? The short answer is no! Your soul does not know that she is dreaming. She is not aware that she’s dreaming while you are awake, therefore she’s not aware that you’re dreaming while you’re sleeping. Your soul simply observes the projections of your mind which is dreaming. 


Like a letter that is not read...

According to the book of Splendor (the Zohar), “A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is not read. And come and see. If one does not remember it, it is as if one had never known it. Therefore whoever forgets a dream and does not know it, will not benefit from its fulfillment.”

The Zohar further informs us that “There is not a dream that has not intermingled with it some spurious matter, so that it is a mixture of truth and falsehood.

Basically, before you can interpret your dreams, you must learn to distinguish between falsehood and truth in your dreams. How can you do that? Start meditating! The more you meditate in your waking state the more you’ll notice that your dreams will become clearer of “garbage.”

During sleep, your natural flow of thought is somewhat meant to be shut off, to allow your mind to become receptive to your intuition so that Divine inspiration can be shared with you.

When your mind is overly preoccupied with everyday worries and desires, this process is often compromised. The Book of Genesis describes to us a few stories that involves dreams: Jacob perceives a ladder with angels ascending and descending, and Pharaoh dreams about years of affluence and scarcity. 

These dreams communicated to the dreamer messages from the Divine. 

Can we say that most of our dreams are messages from the Divine? Unfortunately not! Most of our dreams are simply thoughts that are recycled from what resides in our mind throughout the day. Often when we have challenging dreams they represent a stressful situation we may experience in our waking state. Therefore, they don’t necessarily predict anything bad. 

So how can you remember your dreams every night and use them as a source of intuition?  

  1. Meditate every day. The more you meditate during your awaking state the more you’ll notice that you can remember your dreams.
  2. Before retiring to your bed at the end of your daily routine, pay attention to the state you are in. Learn to release stress and worry before bedtime so that you don’t drag its effect to your dream state. 
    • Access the Binahtit Free Meditation Here and practice before bedtime 
    • Try using a lavender tea —my favorite is Pukka Love tea 
    • Soak your feet in hot water mixed with sea salt and a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender essential oil. 
    • Try going to sleep before 10pm to align with the cycles of nature. According to Ayurvedic Medicine between 10pm-2:00am the fire element is predominant on earth. If you’re up during that time it will be difficult for you to unwind and fall asleep.
  1. Make sure that your final meal of the day is light and free of heavy or stimulating foods. Foods that keep you awake or alter your sleep should be avoided. 
  2. Pay attention to your bedroom — does it smell good? Is it properly ventilated? Make sure it is not too cold or too warm. 
  3. Place your bed in such a way that your head is facing north. In this way, you can take advantage of the planet’s magnetic current, which always flows from south to north. 
  4. Record your dreams — either use your iPhone as you wake up or maintain a dream journal next to your bed and record every morning after you wake up.

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