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How To Invite Miracles

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We are all born with full access to miracles. The only thing that is stopping you from inviting miracles into your life is your ego. You first need to allow access for miracles within your mind. Yet, a mind that is led by the ego tends to identify with desire, convincing you that you have to have certain things in order to be happy.  

The unenlightened mind is a lot like a sea in a storm. The storm causes the muck from the bottom of the sea to come to the surface and distort the clarity of the water. When the storm subsides, the muck settles back to the bottom of the sea and the water becomes clear again.

Meditation helps your consciousness to invite miracles ...

When your career, love life, or health seem to be spinning around in muck, you need to meditate so that your internal storm can subside. Meditation helps your consciousness to invite miracles into all areas of your life.

How can you know whether your mind is led by your soul or your ego? Let’s look at a basic distinction —

Your soul is saying: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7). Your soul message is to surrender!  

Your ego is saying: ”Ask and it will not be given to you; seek and you will not find; knock and the door will not be opened to you.” Your ego message is to fight for what you want! 

When you dare to let your soul lead the way and align your thoughts, feelings and actions with love, unexpected miracles will occur naturally. 

Let’s look at scriptures for inspiration — we can think about the Promised Land and freedom as an expression of miracles and the slavery in Egypt as an expression of your ego. In order to move from slavery to freedom you must be willing to break through self-limiting patterns, leave a situation that no longer serves you, or say say goodbye to a soul contract.

As we learn from scriptures, the exodus from Egypt happened in hurry – the Israelites were not aware where they were going. What mattered was that it was the Will of the Creator and they had to carry it through. Even when you don’t know what to do, how to do it or what is waiting for you on the other side, all you need to do is to awaken your higher self, the Creator within you. When that happens, you’ll not be able to resist the call of your soul and as a result you’ll undergo your own exodus and follow your internal Creator’s directions towards your own promised land.

The exodus starts when you have the courage to leap into the sea. The sea represents a frightful state in which it is up to you to take a step totally contrary to your reason and emotions. This is a stage of purification, in which a spiritual birth occurs and a new life begins, a miraculous one.

Only the Divine Creative Force within can show you the way to your own promised land, and it cannot be any other way. It is said in scriptures that the pillar of fire, or cloud, showed the Israelites their way. The pillar of fire is nothing else but the Holy Spirit within you, Mother Kundalini, Mother Shechinah, acting together with the Creator.

Ok so how can you invite miracle into your life? 

  1. Allow your higher self to lead the way. Use the following affirmation: “Higher Self, Soul Self, show me where to go. Show me what to do.
  2. Empty your rice bowl! Basically empty your mind. According to Zen Buddhism, a mind that is overworked and pre-occupied with day-to-day challenges and the need to manifest is unable to become receptive to the wisdom and guidance of the universe. Start meditating.
  3. Don’t focus on solving problems. Again all you have to do is become proficient in emptying your mind so that it can function as a receiver so the solution can be downloaded and the miracle can be received!
  4. Don’t push, force and or muddle. If you do you are basically telling the universe that you don’t need its help, and therefore you block miracles from coming to you. Basically your mantra must shift from “I’ve got a problem, what do I need to do?” to a new mantra: “Holy Spirit, I surrender this problem to you and I’m open to receive a miracle.” 

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