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5 Steps To Strengthen Your Love Relationship 

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Can you honestly say that you ever experienced true love? Unconditional love that allows another soul to touch your heart? A love that makes you unite simultaneously with your lover and with your higher self?  If not, do you feel as if you’re longing for that type of love? And where is this longing coming from anyway? Can this longing be satisfied? 

Many of us are seeking to be fulfilled, to find the one partner who can completely fulfill us, who can make us whole!  But the truth is we do not find love, rather, we need to create love. We need to be aware that loving is a process.

It’s not about meeting someone and falling in love, but rather the work we do with that person...

It’s not about meeting someone and falling in love, but rather the work we do with that person. An authentic love relationship that is based on spiritual values requires each partner to work individually and for the couple to work together.

The Book of Splendor (the Zohar) describes how King David fell in love with Bat Sheva, who was married to another man — David’s army commander. Although today such behavior is more common, in biblical times it was considered a sin. Yet, when we read the Bible we must not read it literally — we need to understand the hidden meanings behind the words.

All the couples of the Bible are meant to teach us how to identify and correct where we are not loving towards ourselves and others.

To the degree that your mind is filled with unconditional love you can express and experience unconditional opportunities.

The minds of King David and Bat Sheva were first filled with lust, and since they wronged another human being they had to pay a high price. Once they were able to correct their actions they manifested a miracle — they conceived King Solomon, which literally translates to “wholeness” in Hebrew.

So what can you do to strengthen your love relationship? 

  1. Stay away from believing that your partner is in charge of making you happy. We each have what is called in Kabbalah “Chisaron” – a lack. That lack is what pushes us to connect with our higher self. Most of us tend to forget about our higher self when all is well. The only thing that can fill your lack is a relationship with your higher self, your soul. It’s never another person. Yes, your partner can help you feel more complete but only to the degree that you are doing your own work. 
  1. Aspire to balance and unite the masculine and feminine polarities within yourself  so you can attract the right person. Lasting passion in a relationship is maintained when the two polarities are present. Polarities are not attached to gender but rather to energy. Therefore, when we fall in love we fall in love with the opposite polarity of ourselves, and not with a specific gender. Understanding the two polarities is what helps us to build attraction and keep the passion alive in our relationships.
  1. Identify your Alchemical Love Archetype. In studying the different characters in the Bible, we can find various archetypes. Chavah or Eve has a dual archetype – mother of life and a femme fatale; Sarah represents the archetype of a healer; Rebecca represents the alchemist, the mother of two nations; and Rachal the sexual high priestess. According to Kabbalah, the archetypes represented in the Bible are humanity’s original patterns which represent a common thread that binds us together. Do not get attached to one archetype, but rather make sure to establish a connection with all of them and allow them to be the quiet forces that will guide you through your journey. To learn about your archetype Click Here. 
  1. Practice Tzimzum. A common aspect of most successful love relationships is a quality called Tzimtzum, the ability to withdraw your ego to make space for your partner’s needs. Tzimzum literally means reduction and decrease, which creates opportunities for something NEW.
  1. Recognize the silver lining. Bless your challenges as an opportunity for growth. Many love relationships teach us that life sometimes take painful twists, and that we all experience at some point or another the dark night of the soul. But, in the end, our journey is always intended to help us return back to love, and we must savor every moment. 

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