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5 Steps to Manifest Your Desired Reality

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Have you struggled to manifest Your Desired Reality  — what you desire the most? Do you feel as if the Law of Attraction works for everyone besides you? Or perhaps you can easily manifest many things except the one thing that you desire the most?

I know your goal is to manifest “Your Desired Reality.” But, just like so many others, including me, you may struggle with identifying what is standing between you and your heart’s desire.

When you zigzag the universe cannot give you what you want ...

Regardless of the best intentions, most people fail to transform their dreams into reality. And let’s face it — it’s not that easy. I have good news — my desire to help my clients urged me to create the Binahtit 5-Step Formula. I believe that with my help you can create your Desired Reality and manifest your goals and dreams.

Here are a few steps to help you get started —

The first step is to be clear about where you want to go; basically, what you want to manifest. When you are zigzagging the universe can only match that which is within you, therefore you will not be able to manifest with ease. Sit down and write in present tense, only using positive words, that which you like to manifest.

The second step is to convince yourself why you have no other choice but to manifest what you desire. In other words, what you want is so important to you – you desire it and it desires you – a burning desire! 

The third step is for you to identify the most pressing obstacles that prevent you from obtaining “Your Desired Reality.” Sit down and make a list of inner judgments, judgments you perceive from other people that are affecting you, resurfacing limiting beliefs such as — I don’t deserve, I cannot manifest what I want, the universe doesn’t hear my prayers, etc.

The fourth step is to track your progress. Measuring is another way of giving your desire attention.  And since we know that energy flows where attention goes, when you measure your progress it will give it more energy to manifest. And don’t forget to celebrate the journey. 

The last one is to connect to the Creative Force through prayer  — this is a prayer that I love that helps me to get started in manifesting my Desired Reality. Enjoy 🙂 

“God, Creator of all, Master of all worlds, Supreme, Compassionate and Forgiving. With Your Infinite Wisdom and Guidance I am able to manifest my Desired Reality. I am allowing the gift of your Demonstration peacefully and lovingly to enfold in my life every day in many ways. I am committed to celebrating my New Desired Reality with all those around me. I offer my gratitude as my soul bathes in your light forever and ever. Amen”

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