Sivan Einav

Women of Valor Feminine Wisdom

Course 1

Awakening Your Purpose with Mary Magdalene

The archetype of Mary Magdalene resides within the collective unconscious of humanity waiting to guide us in healing the distorted feminine polarity that holds guilt and prejudice around female embodiment and sexuality.

Mary Magdalene

4 workshops - 8 hours
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Course 2

The Kabbalah of Dreams

One of the most mighty tools that a Woman of Valor has as a source of wisdom and guidance is her own dreams. In this series you'll learn to utilize your dreams and their meanings as a spiritual technology for self-healing and self-realization.

Interpreting your dreams

8 lessons - 16 hours
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Course 3

Unleash erotic intelligence

If you’ve never read the Song of Songs in bed with someone that you love … you are missing out on one of the greatest sacred experiences that you will ever have. Written by King Solomon, this mystical text describes the most sensual erotic love affair between two lovers. In this series you'll learn to unlock the Kabbalistic wisdom of Songs of songs and so you can have a healthier, more exciting, more fulfilling sex life than ever.

Your Love is Stronger than Wine

8 lessons - 16 hours
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Course 4

Soul Mate Activation

According to the Talmud it is said that 40 days before a child is formed, a voice from heaven announces whom s/he is going to unite with - literally a match made in heaven! This pre-destined match is what our soul is yearning for. In this unique class you'll learn to clear beliefs, judgments, trauma, religious and genetic beliefs about relationships so that you can align with your Soul Mate or bring more soulfulness to your existing relationship.

a match made in heaven

1 lesson - 2 hours
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Course 5

The Love stories of the bible

Lasting passion in a relationship is maintained when the the feminine and masculine polarities are present. Polarities are not attached to gender but rather to energy. Therefore, when we fall in love we fall in love with the opposite polarity of ourselves, and not with a specific gender. Understanding the two polarities is what help us to build attraction and keep the passion alive in our relationships.
5 lessons - 4:11 hours
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Course 6

Connecting With Your Inner Child

Your "inner child" play a big role in your life. Sometimes she takes over, and you may feel like an emotional five-year-old who has no control in her life. But that little girl is also the one that takes you to the core of your being where magic resides. In this class you'll learn release childhood trauma, self-doubt, and fear and access the life purpose that was already available to you from a young age.

Inner Child Work

1 lessons - 2 hours
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I Am Sivan.

I am the high priestess In the temple of my own being. I am a woman of Valor and so are you! With over 20 years of experience in yoga & meditation, Clinical Nutrition,  Ayurvedic Medicine and Universal Kabbalah I’m committed to helping you on your Divine Feminine journey. I’ll provide you with my unique Binahtit Method for translating your dreams into reality by accessing the Divine Feminine energy within. My ultimate goal is to enable you to live a powerful authentic life starting NOW!

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